how to say happy valentines day in 23 different languages

Wednesday 14 February 2018 / Sama press
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Yes, I just came up with that poem, which required a lot of brain power, but for those celebrating with a loved one, friends, or simply treating the day like any other, you will probably hear the words, ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’, at some point today.

Those words may give you a warm and tingly feeling inside, or may even make your stomach churn – but thanks to shops, cards, and good old Saint Valentine – it is something you will have to hear once a year.

However, if you’ve grown tired of hearing the greeting, why not reciprocate it to a loved one, friend or family in an entirely different language?

You may end up startling them momentarily as you show off your multilingual skills.

So without further adieu, here’s how to say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ in 23 different languages.


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